Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Tatong (pronounce as Ta-tong) - is an adjective for clear vision or making it obviously seen. For example a small wound cut that is less visible becoming very obvious after its getting worse - people could say very clear to see. "Tatong mun nyek kilin towan eh noh" - loosely translated as Very obvious to see the wound cut.

Similar meaning to the word "Tatong" is "Nand' nongg" or "Tand'nongg" depending on the situation these words can be used interchangeably.

The signboard words below is very obviously seen. So example of words Tatong, Nan'nongg, or Tand'nongg can be expressed as follows

Tatong mun nye' kilin tulisan de' papan tand'na noh...Loosely translated as "The words on the signboard can be seen clearly"

Something that is intentionally to be hidden but unintentionally placed that can be seen. We can use the words Nand'nongg or Tand'nongg.

Sape mun nand'nongg yoh noku duit - loosely translated as "It's very obvious he/she stole the money"

Sape mun tand'nong yoh noku duit - exactly the same meaning as nand'nong in this case.

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