Friday, May 19, 2017


Bidasual - (pronounced as Bi-da-sual) is a verb of an action to slide downwards due to slippery ground.


Asual - (pronounced as A-sual) is a noun for Spear. A long handle weapon with sharp tips as shown below.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Jupien (pronounced as Ju-pien) is a bamboo tube / stick used to blow air onto the fire. It's one of the most important tool as fire was not easy to make in the past as material like matches doesn't exist. So a small fire can be easily started with the help of "Jupien" to focus the wind blows to keep the fire going.

Picture below illustrate how "Jupien" is being use to intensify the burning fire.

Tilitiak or Tilitiag

Tilitiak or Tilitiag - (pronounced as Tili-tiakk) is a noun for bamboo that has been flatten by slicing it randomly without separating them. By doing that it allows the bamboo to become flexible and be flatten. Tilitiak usually being use to make walls or floors in the olden days.

This picture describe exactly a house wall made of Tilitiak.


Bitababb - (pronounced as bi-ta-tabb) is a verb of action to swim. As in swimming in the water - this does not apply to creatures or animals but only human being.


Nyopug (pronounced as Nyo-pugg) is a verb of action to pour hot boiling water onto something that result in softening it and easier to work on. In particular pouring hot boiling water onto slaughtered chicken or pig to make it easier to pull out / remove the feather or furs. Dip in some vegetable into the hot boiling water to make them soft also be construed as "Nyopug".

Friday, May 12, 2017


Tajo (pronounced as Ta-jo) is an adjective to describe sharp object that has been worn down (blunt or not sharp) as in blunt knife.

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