Friday, January 29, 2016


The Bijagoi dialect consist of the original words from our ancestors combined with collective words from other languages of the Borneo islanders (Iban, Malays, Kelabit, Kadazan, etc). Most of collective are mainly borrowed from the Malays (Melayu) because they were the more advanced civilization and established kingdom during the olden time in Borneo.Few words are even borrowed from the English words which our people learned from during British era who came to Borneo in the year 1800. Certain words does not exist in the Bijagoi's dialect and furthermore it does not have set of rules like the English or Malay. Many words or sentences are constructed from many ways as long as the perceived intention is understandable by the listeners.

The pronunciation of the Bijagoi's words are of unique and if someone never heard it before may not be able to pronounce it correctly by just reading translation book. Although there are some that is very direct but most are not. To be able to speak it someone must explore the society how the Bijagoi express themselves in many words and perspective.

Tilima' kasih tudu ingan de mo' nog kati'. Dati' leh oto' suba nyikon sind'a de' mo' om-a, sind'a de ogi' to' komb-ut in sumuk babai nye' no'uh. Doi' sind'a bogo' ku terus nog kati' sija' bang sind'a pembukaan itih. Mo' nyam ogi' masa tia' ku samb'ung introduction tih namb'ah oda' omuu lagi'.

Oni mei in de' bokon tia' - suo' suo' bang sind'a oto' bijagoi tih mo' bisapul duoh sind'a kiliang (Melayu) in nya-a nang eh. Tih oto' di' dapod buu mangan eh sebab daang sekolah oto' terpaksa kai bahasa noh. Pa' eh doi' hal sija' ngan ogi' media social tih, oto' suba natong bang duoh ayong sind'a odop to' sa' to' di komut oni in eh. Mok nyam doi' nya'a de' nyikon wat-tih bang duoh ayong sind'a oto' akan bilubah atau pun musuop tia' ijo' oda sind'a de' bokon kaya' sind'a tuan (English) ataupun sind'a Kiliang (Melayu).

Mo' nyam ogi' bala dingan de' ya' ngin idea ataupun bang sind'a de' doi' daang blog tih - tulung geh ngin idea sa' ku dapod gan dati' jadin bua' pinatong odop to'.

Bogo' sibonal adon-adon kupuo' daki-daki sija' sinog-sinog doi' in bang sind'a bijagoi tia' - mok nyam nye sobot kan ju'uok manah so' de' sibonal in nya'a nang eh. Bait daang lidio (Radio) duoh sulat kabal (newspaper) gaya oto' kai bang sind'a Bijagoi lobih sinog sinda kiliang - inoh sebab oto' doi' comprehensive structure daang bang sind'a odop to'.

Ok leh doi' sind'a bogo' tilima kaseh bogo' - bogo' sija' eh.

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