Monday, May 8, 2017


Blingieng - (Pronounced as Bling-ngieng) is adjective to describe shiny metal as in shiny stainless steel sword. It does not apply to glass mirror but only metal shine.

I recalled back this old word when stumbled upon an old man who happen to buy machete in Bau' town. He explained to me about how to buy a good machete and he happens to mentioned the word Blingieng in his explanation. So this is one of the old word that has been replaced by Bikilap.

Bikilap is almost the same meaning as blingieng except that it can be use for shiny mirror and it has replaced the old word quite well. The modern Bidayuh may have not heard about blingieng anymore.

Bikilap is derived from the Malay words Berkilat which mean shiny.

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