Saturday, January 28, 2017

Badog or Paput

Badog - (pronounced as Ba-dog) is an adjective for blockage. Such as blocked pipe hole or blocked nose due to excessive mucus.

Paput - (pronounced as Pa-put) is an adjective that has the exact same meaning as Badog but it is less intense.

The action to stuff something into a hole is called Madog (pronounced as Ma-dog) or Maput (pronounced as Ma-put) depending on certain situation. It can be used alternately.


1. Maput/Madog Lubang - Seal a hole by stuffing thing inside. In this example maput can be a cap seal or something whereas madog is stuffing thing inside it to seal it such as using mud itself

1. Maput boba' - Closed mouth using palm. Madog cannot be used because it is almost like stuffing thing in the mouth which is not correct.

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