Friday, January 29, 2016


The term "Ngituong" is counting in Bijagoi.

Ni' = One
Duoh = Two
Taluh = Three
Pat = Four
Limoh = Five
Nuom = Six
Ju' = Seven
Moih = Eight
Pli'i = Nine
Smoong = Ten

After Ten

Smoong Ni' = Eleven
Smoong Duoh = Twelve
Smoong Taluh = on until Smoong Pli'i


Duoh pulu' = Twenty
Duoh pulu' ni' = Twenty one
Duoh pulu' duoh = Twenty on until Duoh pulu' pli'i


Taluh pulu' = Thirty
Taluh pulu' ni' = Thirty one
Taluh pulu' duoh = Thirty two
Taluh pulu' taluh = Thirty Three...and so on

The rest of 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 just follow the count and add in pulu' like pat pulu', limoh pulu', nuom pulu' and so on

Silatus = One Hundred
Silibu = One Thousands

In the olden days our people rarely count until a thousands - as a result the word is only occasionally used and in fact there is no word for million as there is nothing to counting up to that amount from generations to generations. Only then when we have been introduce to school our people have adopted the Malay language like Sijuta (one million).

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